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ownerMichael Brown
last changeMon, 9 Jul 2018 09:35:57 +0000 (10:35 +0100)
6 days ago  Michael Brown[rndis] Clean up error handling path in register_rndis() master github/coverity_scan github/master
7 days ago  Michael Brown[build] Use positive-form tests when checking for suppo...
8 days ago  Roman Kagan[vmbus] Do not expect version in version_response
8 days ago  Roman Kagan[rndis] Register netdev with MAC filled
8 days ago  Rob Taglang[efi] Exclude link-layer header length from MaxPacketSize
8 days ago  Steven Haber[intelx] Add support for Intel X552 NIC
8 days ago  Bruce Rogers[build] Disable gcc stringop-truncation warnings
2018-06-08  Michael Brown[http] Work around stateful authentication schemes
2018-04-20  Sylvie Barlow[icplus] Add driver for IC+ network card
2018-04-20  Sylvie Barlow[mii] Add bit-bashing interface
2018-04-20  Sylvie Barlow[mii] Add mii_find()
2018-04-20  Michael Brown[mii] Fix typo in parameter name
2018-04-19  Michael Brown[tcp] Add missing packed attribute on struct tcp_header
2018-04-19  Michael Brown[mii] Separate concepts of MII interface and MII device
2018-04-19  Michael Brown[velocity] Fix usage of mii_read() and mii_write()
2018-04-19  Michael Brown[rhine] Fix usage of mii_read()
8 years ago v1.0.0
8 years ago v1.0.0-rc1
8 years ago v0.9.9
8 years ago v0.9.8
9 years ago v0.9.7
9 years ago v0.9.6
9 years ago v0.9.5
9 years ago v0.9.4
10 years ago v0.9.3
6 days ago master