iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

descriptionMain iPXE repository
ownerMichael Brown
last changeSun, 21 Dec 2014 11:21:34 +0000 (11:21 +0000)
2014-12-21  Michael Brown[build] Include Hyper-V driver in the all-drivers build master github/master
2014-12-21  Michael Brown[hyperv] Require support for VMBus version 3.0 or newer
2014-12-20  Michael Brown[hyperv] Tidy up debug output
2014-12-20  Michael Brown[rndis] Ignore start-of-day RNDIS_INDICATE_STATUS_MSG...
2014-12-20  Michael Brown[hyperv] Assume that VMBus xfer page ranges correspond...
2014-12-20  Michael Brown[hyperv] Increase TX ring size
2014-12-20  Michael Brown[hyperv] Receive all VMBus messages in a poll
2014-12-20  Michael Brown[rndis] Clear receive filter when closing the device
2014-12-20  Michael Brown[hyperv] Tear down NetVSC RX buffer GPADL after closing...
2014-12-19  Michael Brown[rndis] Send RNDIS_HALT_MSG
2014-12-19  Michael Brown[rndis] Send RNDIS_INITIALISE_MSG
2014-12-18  Michael Brown[hyperv] Add support for NetVSC paravirtual network...
2014-12-18  Michael Brown[hyperv] Add support for VMBus devices
2014-12-18  Michael Brown[hyperv] Add support for Hyper-V hypervisor
2014-12-18  Michael Brown[rndis] Add generic RNDIS device abstraction
2014-12-18  Michael Brown[iobuf] Add iob_split() to split an I/O buffer into...
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