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ownerMichael Brown
last changeTue, 23 May 2017 17:48:06 +0000 (18:48 +0100)
40 hours ago  Michael Brown[acpi] Expose ACPI tables via settings mechanism master github/coverity_scan github/master
40 hours ago  Michael Brown[efi] Provide access to ACPI tables
40 hours ago  Michael Brown[acpi] Make acpi_find_rsdt() a per-platform method
2 days ago  Michael Brown[settings] Extend numerical setting tags to 64 bits
2 days ago  Michael Brown[tls] Keep cipherstream window open until TLS negotiati...
5 days ago  Michael Brown[efi] Prevent EFI code from being linked in to non...
6 days ago  Michael Brown[xen] Provide 18 4kB receive buffers to work around...
2017-05-10  Michael Brown[iscsi] Fix iBFT when no explicit initiator name settin...
2017-05-03  Michael Brown[iscsi] Always send FirstBurstLength parameter
2017-05-01  Michael Brown[efi] Standardise PCI debug messages
2017-04-28  Michael Brown[hyperv] Cope with Windows Server 2016 enlightenments
2017-04-28  Michael Brown[hyperv] Remove redundant return status code from mappi...
2017-04-26  Michael Brown[hyperv] Do not fail if guest OS ID MSR is already set
2017-04-26  Michael Brown[block] Provide abstraction to allow system to be quiesced
2017-04-26  Michael Brown[block] Provide sandev_read() and sandev_write() as...
2017-04-16  Michael Brown[intel] Do not enable ASDE on i350 backplane NIC
7 years ago v1.0.0
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7 years ago v0.9.9
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8 years ago v0.9.7
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8 years ago v0.9.5
8 years ago v0.9.4
9 years ago v0.9.3
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