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ownerMichael Brown
last changeTue, 16 Sep 2014 15:00:50 +0000 (16:00 +0100)
2 days ago  Jan Kiszka[intel] Add I217-LM PCI ID master github/master
8 days ago  Michael Brown[efi] Add efifatbin utility
2014-09-04  Michael Brown[build] Clean up all binary directories on "make [very...
2014-09-04  Michael Brown[efi] Allow for non-PCI snpnet devices
2014-09-04  Michael Brown[efi] Make EFI_PCI_ROOT_BRIDGE_IO_PROTOCOL optional
2014-09-04  Michael Brown[efi] Avoid returning uninitialised data from PCI confi...
2014-09-04  Michael Brown[efi] Use the SNP protocol instance to match the SNP...
2014-08-29  Michael Brown[efi] Wrap any images loaded by our wrapped image
2014-08-27  Michael Brown[efi] Make our virtual file system case insensitive
2014-08-27  Michael Brown[efi] Show details of intercepted LoadImage() calls
2014-08-26  Michael Brown[mromprefix] Allow for .mrom images larger than 128kB
2014-08-26  Michael Brown[mromprefix] Use PCI length field to obtain length...
2014-08-26  Michael Brown[util] Use PCI length field to obtain length of individ...
2014-08-26  Michael Brown[prefix] Report both %esi and %ecx when opening payload...
2014-08-26  Michael Brown[prefix] Halt system without burning CPU if we cannot...
2014-08-26  Michael Brown[build] Avoid deleting config header files if build...
4 years ago v1.0.0
4 years ago v1.0.0-rc1
4 years ago v0.9.9
4 years ago v0.9.8
5 years ago v0.9.7
5 years ago v0.9.6
5 years ago v0.9.5
5 years ago v0.9.4
6 years ago v0.9.3
2 days ago master