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ownerMichael Brown
last changeMon, 23 Mar 2015 20:24:20 +0000 (20:24 +0000)
8 days ago  Michael Brown[xhci] Support USB1 devices attached via transaction... master github/master
8 days ago  Michael Brown[usb] Improve debug messages for failed control transac...
8 days ago  Michael Brown[ehci] Support USB1 devices attached via transaction...
8 days ago  Michael Brown[usb] Clear transaction translator buffers when applicable
8 days ago  Michael Brown[usb] Add clear_tt() hub method to clear transaction...
8 days ago  Michael Brown[usb] Reset endpoints without waiting for a new transfe...
8 days ago  Michael Brown[xhci] Ring doorbell as part of endpoint reset
8 days ago  Michael Brown[libprefix] Fix building on 64-bit FreeBSD 8.4
13 days ago  Michael Brown[usb] Fix USB timeouts to match specification
13 days ago  Michael Brown[netdevice] Add missing bus types to netdev_fetch_bustype()
13 days ago  Michael Brown[ehci] Add support for EHCI host controllers
13 days ago  Michael Brown[xhci] Do not release ownership back to BIOS when booti...
13 days ago  Michael Brown[usb] Add config/usb.h for USB configuration options
2015-03-17  Michael Brown[autoboot] Match against parent devices when matching...
2015-03-16  Michael Brown[xhci] Forcibly disable SMIs if BIOS fails to release...
2015-03-16  Michael Brown[usb] Add functions for manual device address assignment
5 years ago v1.0.0
5 years ago v1.0.0-rc1
5 years ago v0.9.9
5 years ago v0.9.8
6 years ago v0.9.7
6 years ago v0.9.6
6 years ago v0.9.5
6 years ago v0.9.4
7 years ago v0.9.3
8 days ago master