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descriptionMain iPXE repository
ownerMichael Brown
last changeFri, 31 Oct 2014 15:24:40 +0000 (15:24 +0000)
2014-10-31  Michael Brown[intel] Use autoloaded MAC address instead of EEPROM... master github/master
2014-10-23  Michael Brown[ping] Allow "ping" command output to be inhibited
2014-10-23  Michael Brown[ping] Allow termination after a specified number of...
2014-10-23  Michael Brown[ping] Report timed-out pings via the callback function
2014-10-17  Michael Brown[efi] Include NII driver within "snp" and "snponly...
2014-10-17  Michael Brown[efi] Check for presence of UNDI in NII protocol
2014-10-16  Michael Brown[efi] Add NII / UNDI driver
2014-10-16  Michael Brown[efi] Update to current EDK2 headers
2014-10-16  Michael Brown[efi] Generalise snpnet_dev_info() to efi_device_info()
2014-10-16  Michael Brown[efi] Free transmit ring entry before calling netdev_tx...
2014-10-03  Anton D. Kachalov[intel] Add 8086:1557 card (Intel 82599 10G ethernet...
2014-09-25  Michael Brown[efi] Add definitions of GUIDs observed when chainloadi...
2014-09-25  Michael Brown[efi] Centralise definitions of more protocol GUIDs
2014-09-24  Michael Brown[build] Use -malign-double to build 32-bit UEFI binaries
2014-09-22  Michael Brown[dhcp] Remove obsolete dhcp_chaddr() function
2014-09-22  Michael Brown[dhcp] Check for matching chaddr in received DHCP packets
4 years ago v1.0.0
4 years ago v1.0.0-rc1
5 years ago v0.9.9
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5 years ago v0.9.7
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6 years ago v0.9.5
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6 years ago v0.9.3
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