iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

2019-05-02  Mohammed[golan] Add various new PCI device IDs master ipxe-build/cached/bin/1cdf56f75157d5f4dcfb98dee7b1ba60cd6b93c1.gz
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Add driver for Intel 40 Gigabit Ethernet... ipxe-build/cached/bin/a95966955c6904b975b0ccec0dd338385fb3066b.gz
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Choose to operate in non-PXE mode ipxe-build/cached/bin/92b46b7858c8bf99abc9007c550be72d8eb4f132.gz
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Expose functions required by virtual function...
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Allow for arbitrary placement of interrupt...
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Split out ring creation from context programming
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Allow for arbitrary placement of ring tail... ipxe-build/cached/bin/9907fd54d358a993cbc389d6d956c1a2da923df9.gz
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Use 32-byte receive descriptors
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Provide a mechanism for handling "send to...
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Allow admin cookie to hold extended opcode...
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Allow admin queues to be reinitialised
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Use one admin queue buffer per admin queue...
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Allow for virtual function admin queue regist... ipxe-build/cached/bin/c5ccfe79cf9188c4b4e55370f91c8377808008bb.gz
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[intelxl] Use VLAN tag in receive descriptor if present
2019-04-27  Michael Brown[vlan] Provide vlan_netdev_rx() and vlan_netdev_rx_err() ipxe-build/cached/bin/fe680c8228563369804948010954128aacb7db74.gz
2019-04-24  Michael Brown[pci] Add support for PCI MSI-X interrupts ipxe-build/cached/bin/afee77d816f42c7e405c065395c6a7f4dc2aade1.gz
2019-03-18  Christian Nilsson[intel] Add PCI ID for I219-V and -LM 6 to 9 ipxe-build/cached/bin/ebf2eaf515e46abd43bc798e7e4ba77bfe529218.gz
2019-03-10  Michael Brown[ocsp] Accept response certID with missing hashAlgorith... ipxe-build/cached/bin/b6ffe28a21c53a0946d95751c905d9e0b6c3b630.gz
2019-03-10  Michael Brown[tcp] Display "connecting" status until connection... ipxe-build/cached/bin/f6b2bf9507599709d30bcb74af9bffdb179e5338.gz
2019-03-10  Michael Brown[tls] Display validator messages only while validation...
2019-03-07  Michael Brown[tls] Display cross-certificate and OCSP status messages ipxe-build/cached/bin/b28ccfc725c9a52401aaa09de0734a44bd44a02d.gz
2019-03-07  Michael Brown[crypto] Use x509_name() in validator debug messages
2019-03-06  Michael Brown[tls] Support stateless session resumption ipxe-build/cached/bin/eaba1a22b8552f0410fe1519d7d0b606dc9ef3bb.gz
2019-03-06  Michael Brown[tls] Fix incorrectly duplicated error number
2019-02-21  Michael Brown[tls] Support stateful session resumption ipxe-build/cached/bin/272fe32529103dd39875a9fbed5cfdf1a059e294.gz
2019-02-19  Michael Brown[efi] Blacklist the Dell Ip4ConfigDxe driver ipxe-build/cached/bin/64b4452bca04af433f1c98ab782c0e93cd5c88c0.gz
2019-01-25  Michael Brown[init] Show startup and shutdown function names in... ipxe-build/cached/bin/36a4c85f911c85f5ab183331ff74d125f9a9ed32.gz
2019-01-21  Petr Borsodi[util] Add support for EFI ROM images ipxe-build/cached/bin/de4565cbe76ea9f7913a01f331be3ee901bb6e17.gz
2019-01-21  Petr Borsodi[util] Improve processing of ROM images in Option::ROM
2019-01-21  Michael Brown[zbin] Fix compiler warning with GCC 9
2019-01-15  Aaron Young[libc] Fix strcmp()/strncmp() to return proper values ipxe-build/cached/bin/3946aa9bac1b4a784924fab1693bfebfdd357438.gz
2019-01-15  Ignat Korchagin[efi] Fix error handling path in efi_snp_probe
2019-01-15  Petr Borsodi[pci] Correct invalid base-class/sub-class/prog-if... ipxe-build/cached/bin/ba0d5aa993df4bad28b2a6a36c10b43c7e5c33f2.gz
2018-09-17  Christian Hesse[build] Handle R_X86_64_PLT32 from binutils 2.31 ipxe-build/cached/bin/133f4c47baef6002b2ccb4904a035cda2303c6e5.gz
2018-08-26  Martin Habets[sfc] Add support for X25xx adapters ipxe-build/cached/bin/af1860711a3823202a4ddee0ddfb9814591f506c.gz
2018-07-17  Michael Brown[intelxl] Add driver for Intel 40 Gigabit Ethernet...
2018-07-17  Michael Brown[ethernet] Use standard 1500 byte MTU unless explicitly...
2018-07-09  Michael Brown[rndis] Clean up error handling path in register_rndis()
2018-07-08  Michael Brown[build] Use positive-form tests when checking for suppo...
2018-07-07  Roman Kagan[vmbus] Do not expect version in version_response
2018-07-07  Roman Kagan[rndis] Register netdev with MAC filled
2018-07-07  Rob Taglang[efi] Exclude link-layer header length from MaxPacketSize
2018-07-07  Steven Haber[intelx] Add support for Intel X552 NIC
2018-07-07  Bruce Rogers[build] Disable gcc stringop-truncation warnings
2018-06-08  Michael Brown[http] Work around stateful authentication schemes
2018-04-20  Sylvie Barlow[icplus] Add driver for IC+ network card
2018-04-20  Sylvie Barlow[mii] Add bit-bashing interface
2018-04-20  Sylvie Barlow[mii] Add mii_find()
2018-04-20  Michael Brown[mii] Fix typo in parameter name
2018-04-19  Michael Brown[tcp] Add missing packed attribute on struct tcp_header
2018-04-19  Michael Brown[mii] Separate concepts of MII interface and MII device
2018-04-19  Michael Brown[velocity] Fix usage of mii_read() and mii_write()
2018-04-19  Michael Brown[rhine] Fix usage of mii_read()
2018-04-18  Michael Brown[undi] Include subsystem IDs in broken interrupt device...
2018-04-10  Rob Taglang[intelx] Add PCI_ROM entry for Intel X553 NIC
2018-03-28  Heinrich Schuchardt[efi] Add support for R_ARM_REL32 relocations
2018-03-26  Michael Brown[efi] Do not raise TPL within EFI_DRIVER_BINDING_PROTOC...
2018-03-26  Michael Brown[efi] Release SNP devices before starting SAN boot...
2018-03-24  Michael Brown[tls] Ensure that window change is propagated to plains...
2018-03-24  Michael Brown[tls] Rename tls_session to tls_connection
2018-03-24  Michael Brown[list] Add list_is_first_entry() and list_is_last_entry()
2018-03-23  Michael Brown[tls] Ensure received data list is initialised before...
2018-03-21  Robin Smidsrød[util] Support reversed sort ordering when generating...
2018-03-21  Michael Brown[librm] Ensure that inline code symbols are unique
2018-03-21  Michael Brown[librm] Provide symbols for inline code placed into...
2018-03-21  Michael Brown[undi] Treat invalid IRQ numbers as non-fatal errors
2018-03-20  Michael Brown[build] Prevent use of MMX and SSE registers
2018-03-20  Michael Brown[rng] Use fixed-point calculations for min-entropy...
2018-03-20  Ameer Mahagneh[golan] Set log_max_qp to 1
2018-03-20  Michael Brown[time] Add support for the ACPI power management timer
2018-03-20  Michael Brown[efi] Provide Map_Mem() and associated UNDI callbacks
2018-03-19  Michael Brown[lacp] Check the partner's own state when checking...
2018-03-18  Michael Brown[ocsp] Allow OCSP checks to be disabled
2018-03-18  Michael Brown[ocsp] Centralise test for whether or not an OCSP check...
2018-03-18  Michael Brown[profile] Prevent potential division by zero
2018-03-18  Michael Brown[tftp] Prevent potential division by zero
2018-03-18  Michael Brown[lacp] Fix debug message to match documentation
2018-03-18  Michael Brown[lacp] Mark link as blocked if partner is not yet up...
2018-03-18  Michael Brown[golan] Do not assume all devices are identical
2018-03-18  Michael Brown[librm] Add facility to provide register and stack...
2018-03-15  Rob Taglang[intel] Add PCI_ROM entry for Intel i354 NIC
2018-03-14  Michael Brown[efi] Raise TPL within EFI_DRIVER_BINDING_PROTOCOL...
2018-03-12  Michael Brown[efi] Drop to TPL_APPLICATION when gathering entropy
2018-03-01  Hannes Reinecke[iscsi] Parse IPv6 address in root path
2018-02-20  Michael Brown[process] Include process name in debug messages
2018-02-20  Michael Brown[efi] Raise TPL within EFI_USB_IO_PROTOCOL entry points
2018-02-20  Michael Brown[efi] Raise TPL within EFI_SIMPLE_NETWORK_PROTOCOL...
2018-02-20  Michael Brown[efi] Run at TPL_CALLBACK to protect against UEFI timers
2018-02-19  Michael Brown[xhci] Consume event TRB before reporting completion...
2018-02-19  Michael Brown[http] Allow for domain names within NTLM user names
2018-02-03  Michael Brown[intel] Work around broken reset mechanism in i219...
2018-01-29  Michael Brown[xhci] Assume an invalid PSI table if any invalid PSI...
2018-01-17  Michael Brown[ena] Fix spurious uninitialised variable warning on...
2018-01-14  Martin Habets[netdevice] Make netdev_irq_enabled() independent of...
2018-01-14  Joseph Wong[tg3] Add support for SerDes PHY initialization
2018-01-14  Michael Brown[skel] Remove MII interface
2018-01-12  Michael Brown[ena] Add driver for Amazon ENA virtual function NIC
2018-01-02  Michael Brown[build] Avoid use of "ld --oformat binary"
2017-12-29  Michael Brown[legal] Add missing FILE_LICENCE declarations
2017-12-29  Michael Brown[legal] Add missing FILE_LICENCE declarations