iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

2012-05-23  Michael Brown[crypto] Fix unused-but-set variable warning master
2012-05-22  Michael Brown[http] Add support for Digest authentication
2012-05-22  Michael Brown[http] Provide credentials only when requested by server
2012-05-22  Michael Brown[http] Split construction of Authorization header out...
2012-05-22  Michael Brown[http] Defer processing response code until after recei...
2012-05-22  Michael Brown[http] Reopen connections when server does not keep...
2012-05-22  Michael Brown[crypto] Rename KEY= to PRIVKEY= and "key" to "privkey"
2012-05-21  Michael Brown[crypto] Require OCSP check if certificate provides...
2012-05-21  Michael Brown[crypto] Automatically perform OCSP checks when applicable
2012-05-21  Michael Brown[image] Allow "imgtrust" to automatically download...
2012-05-21  Michael Brown[monojob] Allow monojob to be completely silent
2012-05-21  Michael Brown[crypto] Construct OCSP check URI
2012-05-21  Michael Brown[crypto] Fix margin of error for OCSP checks
2012-05-21  Michael Brown[crypto] Return a NULL OCSP check if construction fails
2012-05-21  Michael Brown[crypto] Return a NULL X.509 certificate if constructio...
2012-05-21  Michael Brown[crypto] Accept UTCTime/GeneralizedTime with no "second...
2012-05-20  Michael Brown[test] Add self-tests for base64
2012-05-20  Michael Brown[base64] Avoid overrunning input data buffer
2012-05-16  Michael Brown[efi] Work around platforms which choke on EFI_PCI_DEVI...
2012-05-16  Michael Brown[iscsi] Report SCSI response only when applicable
2012-05-15  Michael Brown[test] Add self-tests for OCSP
2012-05-15  Michael Brown[crypto] Add framework for OCSP
2012-05-14  Michael Brown[crypto] Add functions for constructing ASN.1 objects
2012-05-14  Michael Brown[crypto] Parse OCSPSigning key purpose, if present
2012-05-14  Michael Brown[crypto] Generalise x509_parse_bit_string() to asn1_bit...
2012-05-13  Michael Brown[crypto] Generalise asn1_{digest,pubkey,signature}_algo...
2012-05-13  Michael Brown[crypto] Generalise x509_parse_time() to asn1_generaliz...
2012-05-13  Michael Brown[crypto] Parse X.509 raw public key bit string
2012-05-09  Michael Brown[crypto] Include "?subject=" in cross-signed certificat...
2012-05-09  Michael Brown[crypto] Reduce standard debugging output
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[image] Avoid potential NULL pointer dereference
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[crypto] Automatically download cross-signed certificates
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[xferbuf] Add generic data-transfer buffer
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[tls] Use asynchronous certificate validator
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[crypto] Add asynchronous certificate validator
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[crypto] Add x509_auto_append()
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[crypto] Add x509_append_raw()
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[crypto] Check that common name contains no NUL characters
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[crypto] Allow for X.509 certificates with no common...
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[list] Add list_last_entry()
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[tcp] Discard all TCP connections on shutdown
2012-05-08  Michael Brown[tcp] Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
2012-05-07  Michael Brown[test] Add self-tests for crc32_le()
2012-05-04  Michael Brown[test] Fix compiler warning on older gcc versions
2012-05-04  Michael Brown[crypto] Allow certificate chains to be long-lived...
2012-05-04  Michael Brown[time] Add Linux time source using gettimeofday()
2012-05-04  Michael Brown[malloc] Allow Valgrind to be used when all assertions...
2012-05-04  Michael Brown[crypto] Fix memory leak in cms_verify_digest()
2012-05-04  Michael Brown[crypto] Parse OCSP responder URI from X.509 certificate
2012-05-04  Michael Brown[list] Add list_for_each_entry_continue() and _continue...
2012-05-04  Michael Brown[test] Fix memory leak in settings self-tests
2012-05-04  Michael Brown[malloc] Discard all cached data on shutdown
2012-04-28  Michael Brown[menu] Add "--default" option to "choose" command
2012-04-28  Michael Brown[realtek] Support RTL8139 cards within generic Realtek...
2012-04-27  Kevin Tran[http] Fix typo in memory allocation
2012-04-27  Michael Brown[myson] Replace driver for Myson Technology NICs
2012-04-27  Michael Brown[natsemi] Fix test for addresses below 4GB
2012-04-26  Michael Brown[natsemi] Replace driver for National Semicondutor...
2012-04-24  Michael Brown[crypto] Do not allow build-time cryptography settings...
2012-04-24  Michael Brown[crypto] Allow client certificate to be changed without...
2012-04-24  Michael Brown[build] Use $(xxx_DEPS) for additional dependency infor...
2012-04-24  Marin Hannache[util] Remove obsolete Makefile rule for util/prototester.c
2012-04-24  Marin Hannache[image] Remove non-working image loaders
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[intel] Replace driver for Intel Gigabit NICs
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[http] Avoid using stack-allocated memory in http_step()
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[script] Avoid using stack-allocated memory in process_...
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[xfer] Avoid using stack-allocated memory in xfer_printf()
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[realtek] Update link state when device is opened
2012-04-21  Michael Brown[netdevice] Allow network device to update link state...
2012-04-21  Michael Brown[skel] Add skeleton network driver
2012-04-21  Michael Brown[efi] Fix compiler warning in elf2efi.c
2012-04-19  Michael Brown[efi] Update link state in SNP device mode data
2012-04-19  Michael Brown[crypto] Allow trusted root certificate to be changed...
2012-04-19  Michael Brown[settings] Add fetch_setting_copy()
2012-04-19  Michael Brown[multiboot] Place multiboot modules low in memory
2012-04-18  Michael Brown[realtek] Replace driver for Realtek Gigabit NICs
2012-04-18  Michael Brown[mii] Add generic MII reset function
2012-04-18  Michael Brown[mii] Synchronise constants with current Linux include...
2012-04-18  Michael Brown[mii] Remove unused functionality
2012-04-18  Robin Smidsrød[util] Add utility to generate list of supported networ...
2012-04-17  Michael Brown[vmware] Allow settings to be specified in the VMware...
2012-04-17  Michael Brown[tftp] Allow builds without TFTP support
2012-04-17  Michael Brown[settings] Split fetching and storing out of setting...
2012-04-17  Michael Brown[test] Add self-tests for setting types
2012-04-17  Michael Brown[libc] Allow strtoul() to interpret negative numbers
2012-04-14  Michael Brown[multiboot] Include full image URI in command line
2012-04-10  Marin Mareo... [linux] Fix a build error on some platforms
2012-04-10  Marin Mareo... [tftp] Remove configuration option for tftm
2012-04-10  Michael Brown[build] Enable warnings when building utilities
2012-04-10  Erik Jacobson[igbvf] Add i350 virtual function support
2012-04-10  Daniel Hokka... [e1000e] Basic 82579 support
2012-04-10  Stefan Weil[tls] Fix wrong memset in function tls_clear_cipher
2012-04-10  Stefan Weil[crypto] Fix wrong setup in function aes_wrap
2012-04-10  Michael Brown[int13] Fix compilation on some versions of gcc
2012-04-10  Michael Brown[syslog] Add basic support for encrypted syslog via TLS
2012-04-09  Michael Brown[elf] Avoid attempting to load 64-bit ELF binaries
2012-03-30  Michael Brown[image] Fix use-after-free in debug messages
2012-03-30  Michael Brown[menu] Fix default selection when default is item 0
2012-03-30  Michael Brown[int13] Add support for emulating floppy disk drives
2012-03-29  Michael Brown[comboot] Remove COMBOOT image support by default