iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

descriptionAutomated QA testing for iPXE
ownerMichael Brown
last changeThu, 16 Jan 2014 13:15:46 +0000 (13:15 +0000)
2014-01-16  Michael Brown[perl] Add facility for generating QR codes master
2014-01-15  Michael Brown[perl] Add facility for taking screenshots and parsing...
2014-01-15  Michael Brown[perl] Fix use of weak references
2013-12-21  Michael Brown[perl] First successful automated test run
2013-12-21  Michael Brown[perl] Allow for reporting of test results via HTTP
2013-12-18  Michael Brown[perl] Add XMPP subscription support
2013-12-18  Michael Brown[perl] Add syntactic sugar for creating test cases
2013-12-18  Michael Brown[perl] Initial commit
5 years ago master