iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

[build] Rename gPXE to iPXE
[ipxe.git] / src / drivers / net / sundance.c
2010-04-19  Michael Brown[build] Rename gPXE to iPXE
2009-05-26  Daniel Verkamp[ethernet] Move struct mii_if_info to mii.h
2009-05-18  Michael Brown[legal] Add a selection of FILE_LICENCE declarations
2009-03-26  Thomas Miletich[pci] Add driver_data field to struct pci_device_id
2009-02-27  Thomas Miletich[sundance] Add reset completion check
2009-02-06  Thomas Miletich[sundance] Added NIC variant
2008-11-19  Michael Brown[i386] Change [u]int32_t to [unsigned] int, rather...
2008-03-02  Alexey ZaytsevModify gPXE core and drivers to work with the new timer...
2007-12-13  Marty ConnorRemove *_fill_nic() calls, and directly set nic->ioaddr...
2007-07-04  Marty ConnorWarnings purge of drivers (continued)
2007-01-10  Michael BrownAdd "name" field to struct device to allow human-readab...
2006-09-26  Marty Connorcompilation warnings cleanup
2006-06-05  Michael BrownAdded a very quick and dirty compatibility layer, to...
2006-05-16  Michael BrownRestructured PCI subsystem to fit the new device model.
2006-04-24  Michael BrownHeader rearrangement.
2005-05-19  Michael BrownSynced across updates from Etherboot 5.4 tree
2005-05-02  Michael BrownMoved definition of __shared into compiler.h
2005-05-02  Michael BrownCorrect symbol violations reported by "make symcheck"
2005-04-26  Michael BrownAutomatically updated with
2005-04-22  Michael BrownCoerced into compiling
2005-04-21  Michael BrownAutomatically updated with the program
2005-04-14  Michael BrownAutomatically modified by
2005-04-14  Michael BrownAutomatically updated using
2005-04-13  Michael BrownFinished by hand
2005-04-13  Michael BrownAutomatically updated using
2005-04-12  Michael BrownManual tweaks to get all drivers to follow the "disable...
2005-04-12  Michael BrownAutomatically updated using
2005-04-12  Michael BrownAutomatically updated using
2005-04-12  Michael BrownAuto-updated using
2005-03-08  Michael BrownInitial revision