iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

[iscsi] Change default initiator IQN
[ipxe.git] / src / include / ipxe / iscsi.h
2011-03-03  Michael Brown[iscsi] Change default initiator IQN
2011-02-24  Michael Brown[iscsi] Accept NOP-In PDUs sent by the target
2011-02-23  Michael Brown[iscsi] Disambiguate the expected target errors in...
2010-10-18  Michael Brown[iscsi] Ensure ISID is consistent within an iSCSI session
2010-09-14  Michael Brown[block] Replace gPXE block-device API with an iPXE...
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[interface] Convert all data-xfer interfaces to generic...
2010-04-19  Michael Brown[build] Rename gPXE to iPXE