iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

2017-05-23  Michael Brown[efi] Provide access to ACPI tables
2017-05-23  Michael Brown[acpi] Make acpi_find_rsdt() a per-platform method
2017-05-22  Michael Brown[settings] Extend numerical setting tags to 64 bits
2017-05-22  Michael Brown[tls] Keep cipherstream window open until TLS negotiati...
2017-05-19  Michael Brown[efi] Prevent EFI code from being linked in to non...
2017-05-19  Michael Brown[xen] Provide 18 4kB receive buffers to work around...
2017-05-10  Michael Brown[iscsi] Fix iBFT when no explicit initiator name settin...
2017-05-03  Michael Brown[iscsi] Always send FirstBurstLength parameter
2017-05-01  Michael Brown[efi] Standardise PCI debug messages
2017-04-28  Michael Brown[hyperv] Cope with Windows Server 2016 enlightenments
2017-04-28  Michael Brown[hyperv] Remove redundant return status code from mappi...
2017-04-26  Michael Brown[hyperv] Do not fail if guest OS ID MSR is already set
2017-04-26  Michael Brown[block] Provide abstraction to allow system to be quiesced
2017-04-26  Michael Brown[block] Provide sandev_read() and sandev_write() as...
2017-04-16  Michael Brown[intel] Do not enable ASDE on i350 backplane NIC
2017-04-14  Michael Brown[intel] Show original CTRL and STATUS values in debuggi...
2017-04-12  Michael Brown[block] Allow use of a non-default EFI SAN boot filename
2017-04-12  Michael Brown[efi] Add efi_sprintf() and efi_vsprintf()
2017-04-10  Michael Brown[efi] Fix typo in efi_acpi_table_protocol_guid
2017-04-10  Martin Habets[sfc] Add driver for Solarflare SFC8XXX adapters
2017-04-10  Michael Brown[libc] Add stdbool.h standard header
2017-03-31  Adamczyk, Konrad[thunderx] Use ThunderxConfigProtocol to obtain board...
2017-03-29  Michael Brown[scsi] Retry TEST UNIT READY command
2017-03-29  Michael Brown[linux] Fix building with kernel 4.11 headers
2017-03-29  Michael Brown[build] Avoid implicit-fallthrough warnings on GCC 7
2017-03-29  Michael Brown[mucurses] Fix erroneous __nonnull attribute
2017-03-28  Michael Brown[http] Notify data transfer interface when underlying...
2017-03-28  Michael Brown[iscsi] Do not install iBFT when no iSCSI targets exist
2017-03-28  Michael Brown[block] Describe all SAN devices via ACPI tables
2017-03-28  Michael Brown[block] Ignore redundant xfer_window_changed() messages
2017-03-28  Michael Brown[linux] Use dummy SAN device
2017-03-27  Michael Brown[block] Gracefully close SAN device if registration...
2017-03-27  Michael Brown[block] Retry reopening indefinitely for multipath...
2017-03-27  Michael Brown[block] Add a small delay between attempts to reopen...
2017-03-27  Michael Brown[block] Allow SAN retry count to be reconfigured
2017-03-27  Michael Brown[time] Add sleep_fixed() function to sleep without...
2017-03-27  Michael Brown[int13con] Avoid overwriting random portions of SAN...
2017-03-26  Michael Brown[int13] Improve geometry guessing for unaligned partitions
2017-03-26  Michael Brown[block] Add basic multipath support
2017-03-26  Michael Brown[block] Add dummy SAN device
2017-03-26  Michael Brown[scsi] Avoid duplicate call to scsicmd_close() on TEST...
2017-03-23  Michael Brown[vxge] Fix use of stale I/O buffer on error path
2017-03-23  Michael Brown[iobuf] Increase minimum I/O buffer size to 128 bytes
2017-03-23  Mike McCormack[sky2] Use 32-bit read to read Y2_VAUX_AVAIL
2017-03-23  Michael Brown[pcnet32] Eliminate redundant register read
2017-03-23  Raed Salem[golan] Bug fixes and improved paging allocation method
2017-03-23  Michael Brown[rtl818x] Fix resource leak on error path
2017-03-23  Michael Brown[travis] Integrate with Coverity Scan
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[travis] Build and run the unit test suite
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[travis] Add minimal .travis.yml file
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[malloc] Track maximum heap usage
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[coverity] Add Coverity user model
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[mucurses] Ensure SLK labels are always terminated
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[sis190] Avoid NULL pointer dereference
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[w89c840] Avoid potential array overrun
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[tlan] Guard against failure to identify chip
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[hermon] Assert that mapping length is non-zero
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[arbel] Assert that mapping length is non-zero
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[video_subr] Use memmove() for overlapping memory copy
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[tcp] Use correct length for memset()
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[xen] Use standard calling pattern for asprintf()
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[usb] Use correct length for memcpy()
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[pixbuf] Avoid potential division by zero
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[ath] Add missing break statements
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[block] Quell spurious Coverity size mismatch warning
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[infiniband] Return status code from ib_create_mi()
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[infiniband] Return status code from ib_create_cq(...
2017-03-22  Michael Brown[build] Avoid confusing sparse in single-argument DBG...
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[xhci] Avoid accessing beyond end of endpoint context...
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[mucurses] Attempt to fix use of uninitialised buffer...
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[http] Add missing check for memory allocation failure
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[eoib] Avoid passing a NULL I/O buffer to netdev_tx_com...
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[slam] Avoid NULL pointer dereference in slam_pull_value()
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[slam] Fix resource leak on error path
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[hyperv] Fix resource leaks on error path
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[mucurses] Attempt to fix resource leaks
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[mucurses] Attempt to fix keypress processing logic
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[mucurses] Attempt to fix test for empty string
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[usb] Use correct length for memcpy()
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[librm] Fail gracefully if asked to ioremap() a zero...
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[crypto] Free correct pointer on the error path
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[802.11] Remove redundant NULL pointer check after...
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[sis900] Remove extraneous memset() with incorrect...
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[qib7322] Use correct length for memset()
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[linda] Use correct length for memset()
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[nfs] Fix double free bug on error path
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[xfer] Ensure va_end() is called on failure path
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[arbel] Avoid potential integer overflow when calculati...
2017-03-21  Michael Brown[hermon] Avoid potential integer overflow when calculat...
2017-03-20  Michael Brown[dhcp] Allow vendor class to be changed in DHCP requests
2017-03-19  Michael Brown[undi] Move PXE API caller back into UNDI driver
2017-03-19  Michael Brown[efi] Skip cable detection at initialisation where...
2017-03-13  Michael Brown[efi] Provide ACPI table description for SAN devices
2017-03-10  Michael Brown[efi] Add EFI_ACPI_TABLE_PROTOCOL header and GUID defin...
2017-03-10  Michael Brown[efi] Update to current EDK2 headers
2017-03-10  Michael Brown[build] Provide common ARRAY_SIZE() definition
2017-03-09  Vishvananda... [iscsi] Don't close when receiving NOP-In
2017-03-09  Vishvananda... [intel] Reset all virtual function settings
2017-03-09  Michael Brown[scsi] Avoid duplicate calls to scsicmd_close()
2017-03-09  Michael Brown[block] Use intfs_shutdown() when shutting down multipl...