iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

2003-08-07  Timothy LeggeInitial Port Linux PCNET32 driver etherboot-5.0
2003-07-28  Ken YapFinal tweaks to documentation. Eb_5_0_11
2003-07-28  Ken YapWrong date in userman.xsgml. Eb_doc_5_0_11
2003-07-28  Ken YapBring files up to date. Eb_doc_5_0_6
2003-07-28  Ken YapBring LOG up to date. Remove stray files in doc/.
2003-07-28  Ken YapAdd ID for 82562ez.
2003-07-28  Timothy LeggeAdd minor delay to Transmit
2003-07-27  Timothy LeggeSync 5.0 and 5.1 versions
2003-07-27  Timothy LeggeBackport 5.1 transmit
2003-07-23  Timothy LeggeBack port of 5.1 tlan driver
2003-07-22  Timothy LeggeFix Compile issues for tlan
2003-07-22  Ken YapMake TLAN NIC names all lower case.
2003-07-22  Timothy LeggeAdd tlan to support files
2003-07-22  Ken YapUpdate mkffwnb. Commit early version of tlan driver.
2003-07-22  Ken YapBring up to date.
2003-07-22  Ken YapNo pcnet32 yet.
2003-07-21  Anselm Martin... Fixing NFS symlinks for goto instead of recursion....
2003-07-18  Ken YapNeed an exit 1 after the perl bug check.
2003-07-15  Anselm Martin... NFS-max symlink depth constant introduced (set to 16)
2003-07-15  Anselm Martin... NFS symlink support error codes/messages updated
2003-07-15  Anselm Martin... NFS symlink support fixed to work with relative as...
2003-07-14  Anselm Martin... Remove unnecessary code from NFS/symlink support, cleanup
2003-07-11  Ken YapPut in check for Perl Unicode handling bug.
2003-07-08  Ken YapBring LOG up to date.
2003-07-08  Ken YapAllow timeout to be changed to a fixed value for peer...
2003-05-26  Ken YapAlignment bug fix by Neil Newell.
2003-05-25  Ken YapUpdate DHCP FAQ link.
2003-04-29  Timothy LeggeFix Sundance typo
2003-04-25  Ken YapWim Janssen sent in a fix for correct 8416 detection.
2003-04-22  Timothy LeggeInitial build support for the pcnet32 driver
2003-04-21  Ken YapUpdate for release as 5.0.10. Eb_5_0_10
2003-04-21  Ken YapNew file needed for handling FFW 2.9.x.
2003-04-21  Ken YapUpdate mkffwnb. Release as 5.0.10.
2003-04-19  Ken YapReplaced by other versions.
2003-04-19  Ken YapAccept Georg Baum's patch to mask interrupts after...
2003-04-16  Georg Baumeepro100.c: Fix from Don Beckers latest eepro100 driver
2003-04-15  Timothy LeggeBackport sundance driver from 5.1
2003-04-14  Ken YapPatches from Morten Kristiansen for another SiS900...
2003-04-09  Ken YapNIC entries taken from 5.1.
2003-04-08  Ken YapDave Airlie found a patch for an old bug in eepro100...
2003-03-31  Timothy LeggeUpdate driver info file
2003-03-30  Timothy LeggeFIX ISAPNP Etherboot unable to find the card on the...
2003-03-30  Timothy LeggeFIX ISAPNP Mac address issue
2003-03-30  Timothy LeggeFix Non ISAPNP MAC Address
2003-03-09  Ken YapSupport for NetBSD. Added PCI IDs for another via-rhine... Eb_5_0_9
2003-02-21  Michael BrownAdded Roms and gcccheck to ignore list
2003-02-21  Michael BrownIgnoring generated *_ids.h files
2003-01-12  Ken YapForgot to commit these files for 5.0.8.
2003-01-09  Ken YapDon't save Roms, it's generated from NICS anyway.
2003-01-09  Ken YapDeprecate otulip driver.
2003-01-09  Ken YapMinor tweaks.
2003-01-09  Timothy LeggeSeparate ISAPNP from the 3c515 driver
2002-12-20  Ken YapMatthew Stapleton thinks the clc is redundant.
2002-12-15  Ken YapTimer routines now functions in timer.c, can be replace...
2002-11-15  Ken Yap5.0.8 ready to go.
2002-11-03  Ken YapBring LOG up to date.
2002-11-03  Ken Yap#ifdef out 386 checking code, probably unnecessary...
2002-11-03  Ken YapAdd EEPRO100 ID 0x103A.
2002-11-03  Ken YapNew EEPRO ID. Disable A20 before exiting, use eb_exit...
2002-11-03  Ken YapFix comments about half-duplex.
2002-10-15  Ken YapTaken from Eric's 5.1 tree.
2002-10-15  Ken YapMissed when commiting 5.0.7.
2002-10-15  Ken YapAlso missed when commit 5.0.7.
2002-10-15  Ken YapSeems to have been missed when commiting 5.0.7.
2002-10-15  Ken YapCommit new web pages contributed by Marty Connor.
2002-10-15  Ken YapLibrary file for FFW 2.0.3
2002-10-15  Ken YapUpdate CVS version.
2002-10-15  Michael BrownWait for multiple INFO packets after making an autojoin...
2002-10-15  Ken YapPCI_ANY_ID for RTL8139 clones, change to serial.c.
2002-10-15  Michael BrownFixed the problem with large image files causing UDP...
2002-10-15  Michael BrownUpdated to those from linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16-pre2
2002-09-25  Ken YapNew version with libwrap support.
2002-09-25  Ken YapObsolete, now at version 0.5.
2002-09-25  Ken YapGenerate tables in config.c (and later inside the drive...
2002-08-16  Ken YapPatch from Andrew Ip to support the VT6103 PHY.
2002-07-30  Ken YapLast changes before release. Eb_5_0_7
2002-07-30  Ken YapNew look web site files.
2002-07-29  Ken YapLast updates for 5.0.7 release.
2002-07-26  Michael BrownSync Etherboot contribs to version 1.10
2002-07-24  Ken YapPatches from Patrik Weiskircher.
2002-07-17  Ken YapBring up to date with current documentation.
2002-07-16  Ken YapDon't include stdint.h twice in linuxbios.c.
2002-07-13  Ken YapIgnore offers with zero server IP, or null filename...
2002-07-07  Ken YapMarked several options as deprecated.
2002-07-04  Ken YapOops, forgot to terminate options. Clobbered IP address...
2002-07-04  Ken YapSet PCI_BUS_TYPE programmatically just in case.
2002-07-04  Ken YapShould use EISA/PNP vendor IDs instead of PCI ones.
2002-07-03  Ken YapFix bug in declaration of TX_AFTER_ALL.
2002-07-02  Ken YapFold encap length and NIC tag into structure, less...
2002-07-02  Ken YapChange NIC ID info from variable length string to fixed...
2002-07-02  Ken YapBunch of portability backpatches from 5.1, mainly for...
2002-06-24  Ken YapBackport portablilty typedefs from 5.1. Remove excess...
2002-06-12  Ken YapMore file suffixes to ignore.
2002-06-11  Timothy LeggeFixed ISA_PNP Mac address problem
2002-06-09  Ken YapFix sis900 bug in treating chip revisions.
2002-06-09  Ken YapFix sis900 bug.
2002-06-09  Ken YapUpdate compilation information.
2002-06-09  Ken YapSome more small changes.
2002-06-08  Ken YapMake rc1 for testing.
2002-06-08  Ken YapAdd one more EEPRO100 model. Change names of the two...