iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

2004-11-13  Timothy LeggeRelease Etherboot 5.2.6 Eb_5_2_6
2004-11-13  Timothy LeggeRemove generated files
2004-11-13  Timothy LeggeRemove filo/main/version.h on clean
2004-11-13  Timothy LeggeFinal Updates for 5.2.6
2004-11-13  Timothy LeggeFinal Updates for 5.2.6
2004-11-08  Timothy LeggeMinor clean up
2004-11-08  Timothy LeggeMinor clean up
2004-11-05  Timothy LeggePatch to support 3Com tulip version from Jacek Kalinski
2004-11-05  Timothy LeggePatch to support 3Com tulip version from Jacek Kalinski
2004-10-29  Ken YapUse -l on mkisofs which allows long names but continue...
2004-10-25  Ken YapIncremental update to RELNOTES.
2004-10-25  Ken Yapgeniso added to distribution.
2004-10-23  Ken YapTimeout is in 1/10ths of second so default should be...
2004-10-23  Ken YapUse script geniso to make ISO images. Requires isolinux...
2004-10-23  Ken YapFix mistake re basename, better shortening algorithm...
2004-10-14  Ken YapForce the use of bash due to bash constructs in script.
2004-10-13  Ken YapTrim DOS names to 8 characters. Problem if more than...
2004-10-13  Timothy LeggeSmall formatting fixes
2004-10-11  Timothy LeggeAdd new drivers
2004-10-08  Timothy LeggeAdd support for filo btext and usb as implemented by...
2004-10-08  Ken YapRui Prior suggested the feature of allowing the user...
2004-10-08  Ken YapUpdate to latest version.
2004-10-08  Ken YapUpdate p910nd to latest version.
2004-10-07  Timothy LeggeUpdates to driver to use revision instead of chip id
2004-10-06  Timothy LeggeAllow rom-scan to compile with warnings
2004-10-06  Timothy LeggeUpdate for new gcc options
2004-10-05  Timothy LeggePrint pci ids for rtl8139
2004-10-05  Timothy LeggeMinor cleanup update for tlan driver
2004-10-05  Timothy LeggeUpdate for dmfe and mtd80x drivers
2004-10-03  Timothy LeggeSome additional cleanup and a disable function
2004-10-02  Timothy LeggeInitial version 1 card works 1 does not
2004-10-01  Timothy LeggeRemove EB50 options and replace debug
2004-08-31  Timothy LeggeAdditional bug fixes for some chip revisions
2004-08-26  Timothy LeggeFix bugs identifying the correct mii chip
2004-08-23  Ken YapContents of file should not be excluded even if CONFIG_...
2004-08-20  Ken YapAllow override of EP_ID_PORT from Config.
2004-08-19  Ken YapRestore missing UNDI driver entry.
2004-08-16  Ken YapPatch from Tim Fletcher for another eepro100 model.
2004-08-16  Ken YapIsa and pci driver linkage sections changed to attribut...
2004-08-16  Ken YapAttribute of used needed to prevent recent gcc versions...
2004-07-19  Timothy LeggeVersion updates for 5.2.5
2004-07-18  Timothy LeggeFix release date Eb_5_2_5
2004-07-18  Timothy LeggeFinal Documentation for 5.2.5
2004-07-18  Timothy LeggeLOG and RELNOTES update for 5.2.5
2004-07-18  Timothy LeggeRemove __HAVE_ARCH_MEMSET to comply with gcc 3.3.3
2004-07-17  Ken YapUpdate for newest release of floppyfw.
2004-07-15  Ken YapRemove index*.html files from dependencies of tarball.
2004-07-15  Timothy LeggeSmall relocation fix, prism2_pci works again
2004-07-14  Ken YapRegenerated .html files after Berlios link added to...
2004-07-11  Ken YapGenerated by template now.
2004-07-11  Ken YapAdd -DHTML_DIR because index.html is at top directory.
2004-07-11  Ken YapUse m4 and template for generating HTML files. xhtml...
2004-07-11  Timothy LeggeRelocation patch from Doug Ambrisko for freebsd
2004-07-08  Timothy LeggeRelocation patch from Doug Ambrisko for freebsd
2004-07-02  Timothy LeggeBackport Eric's Link Aggregation Control Protocol imple...
2004-07-01  Timothy LeggePretarations for 5.2.5
2004-06-24  Timothy LeggeUpdate to lance chip_table from Helge Wagner
2004-06-24  Timothy LeggeUpdate to chip_table from Helge Wagner
2004-06-16  Eric W. Biedermanpic8259.c - Allow it to compile with gcc-2.95 again
2004-06-07  Marty ConnorPutting back modrom utility
2004-06-02  Eric W. Biederman- Finally commit the EFI header files...
2004-04-28  Timothy LeggeConditionalize isapnp for CONFIG_ISA
2004-04-26  Timothy LeggeSmall fix for AOUT_LYNX_KDI from Burton Hurff
2004-04-24  Timothy LeggeUpdate log for e1000 fix
2004-04-24  Timothy LeggeFix the reset for 82544 and newer devices that support...
2004-04-20  Timothy LeggeWorked with Doug Ambrisko to resolve relocation issue...
2004-04-20  Timothy LeggeUpdate log for recent changes
2004-04-13  Timothy LeggeJon Passki fixed bugs in IMAGE_FREEBSD and REQUIRE_VCI_...
2004-04-12  Timothy LeggeIgnore PXENV_UNDI_CLEANUP return code
2004-04-01  Marty Connorconditionalize undi.c to compile only if PCBIOS is...
2004-03-30  Timothy LeggeClean up driver and standardize output
2004-03-29  Marty ConnorExplicitly use sh to run util/genliso to avoid permissi...
2004-03-28  Timothy LeggeReplace CPP style comments and properly indent
2004-03-28  Marty ConnorConditionalize PCMCIA souce code based on CONFIG_PCMCIA
2004-03-28  Marty ConnorFix PCI_ROM Macros to make genrules.pl happy
2004-03-28  Marty ConnorBack out Makefile.main ifdefs for pcmcia
2004-03-28  Marty ConnorConditionalize compilation for PCMCIA
2004-03-27  Timothy LeggeMore driver cleanup
2004-03-27  Timothy LeggeMore driver cleanup
2004-03-26  Timothy LeggeMajor cleanup of sundance and addition of mii header
2004-03-22  Timothy LeggeRemove excess MII defines
2004-03-22  Timothy LeggeClean up unused variables and output correct speed...
2004-03-19  Ken YapIf ASK_BOOT is undefined, this leads to a syntax error...
2004-03-09  Timothy Leggesmc9462tx flash rom utility written by David Ashley
2004-03-03  Timothy LeggeAcknowledge driver sponsor
2004-03-02  Timothy LeggeTiny via-rhine patch
2004-03-01  Timothy LeggeFix typo in vsprint
2004-02-28  Ken YapDoug Ambrisko fixed bugs in the FreeBSD loader.
2004-02-27  Ken YapRemove undi family to avoid double entry of .o file.
2004-02-23  Timothy LeggeFinal Updates for 5.2.4 Eb_5_2_4
2004-02-23  Timothy LeggeAdditional log updates
2004-02-22  Ken YapNote changes.
2004-02-22  Timothy LeggeCommit check for valid mac address
2004-02-20  Timothy LeggeMore robust transmit and poll
2004-02-17  Timothy LeggeAdd support for National Semiconductor 83820 based...
2004-02-17  Ken YapReverse sort PCI drivers so that 3c90x is tried ahead...
2004-02-17  Ken YapUpdated e1000 driver by Georg Baum.
2004-02-17  Ken YapDuplicate entry for forcedeth.
2004-02-17  Ken YapNew driver forcedeth, new target .liso, small fixes...
2004-02-12  Ken YapFix IMAGE_FREEBSD bugs.