iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

2010-07-30  Guo-Fu Tseng[tcp core][RFC] Wait for TCP to safely close ipxe_tcpfix
2010-07-30  Guo-Fu Tseng[tcp][RFC] Cleanup tcp_close()
2010-07-30  Guo-Fu Tseng[tcp][RFC] Distinguish passive and active close with...
2010-07-30  Guo-Fu Tseng[tcp][RFC] Deliver data only after updating TCP state
2010-07-22  Piotr Jaroszyński[tcp] Fix a 64bit compile time error master
2010-07-21  Geoff Lywood[efi] Fix the 32-bit version of elf2efi64
2010-07-21  Michael Brown[tcp] Allow out-of-order receive queue to be discarded
2010-07-21  Michael Brown[malloc] Add cache discard mechanism
2010-07-20  Michael Brown[tcp] Handle out-of-order received packets
2010-07-20  Michael Brown[netdevice] Provide a test mechanism for discarding...
2010-07-17  Stefan Hajnoczi[virtio] Replace virtio-net with native iPXE driver
2010-07-17  Stefan Hajnoczi[errcode] Remove unused contrib/errcode scripts
2010-07-15  Piotr Jaroszyński[settings] Unregister the children when unregistering...
2010-07-15  Michael Brown[tcp] Treat ACKs as sent only when successfully transmitted
2010-07-15  Michael Brown[tcp] Merge boolean flags into a single "flags" field
2010-07-15  Michael Brown[tcp] Use a dedicated timer for the TIME_WAIT state
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[build] Speed up rebuilding on header file changes
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[build] Standardise variable naming for inter-build...
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[build] Avoid unnecessary "rm" and "touch" in dependenc...
2010-07-14  Stefan Hajnoczi[build] Mark weak functions noinline
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[hci] Continue processing while prompting for shell...
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[davicom] Use iPXE debugging infrastructure
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[tulip] Use iPXE debugging infrastructure
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[debug] Expose pause() and more() debugging functions
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[debug] Remove unused guard_region() and check_region...
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[build] Remove some obsolete header files
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[console] Remove never-used putline() method
2010-07-14  Michael Brown[cmdline] Fix inconsistent and ugly code formatting...
2010-07-13  Guo-Fu Tseng[tcp] Randomise local TCP port
2010-07-13  Michael Brown[tcp] Fix typos by changing ntohl() to htonl() where...
2010-07-13  Michael Brown[tcp] Store local port in host byte order
2010-07-11  Piotr Jaroszyński[image] Fix a memory leak in free_image()
2010-07-11  Andrei Faur[pcnet32] Fix pcnet32_wio_reset() bug
2010-07-07  Michael Brown[tcp] Fix potential use-after-free when accessing times...
2010-07-05  Alessandro... [refcnt] Fix embedded image building
2010-06-25  Michael Brown[pcnet32] Fix uninitialised variable
2010-06-24  Glenn Brown[myri10ge] Add NonVolatile Option (nvo) support
2010-06-24  Glenn Brown[settings] Add setting deletion (Ctrl-D) interface
2010-06-24  Glenn Brown[settings] Enable jump scroll in config UI
2010-06-24  Glenn Brown[pci] Define Vendor Specific capability ID
2010-06-24  Michael Brown[romprefix] Do not check for BBS compatibility
2010-06-24  Michael Brown[build] Fix broken build caused by implied dependency...
2010-06-24  Michael Brown[build] Avoid hard-coding the path to perl
2010-06-23  Geoff Lywood[efi] Build iPXE script support into EFI binaries by...
2010-06-23  Andrei Faur[r8169] Remove driver cfg lookup, use pci_device_id...
2010-06-23  Michael Brown[tls] Handle multiple handshake records
2010-06-22  Joshua Oreman[refcnt] Add ref_no_free handler
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[http] Pass through unknown interface method calls
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[interface] Allow for non-pass-through interface methods
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[interface] Convert all data-xfer interfaces to generic...
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[interface] Convert all name-resolution interfaces...
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[interface] Convert all job-control interfaces to gener...
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[interface] Expand object interface to allow for polymo...
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[retry] Use start_timer_fixed() instead of direct timeo...
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[retry] Add timer_init() wrapper function
2010-06-22  Michael Brown[refcnt] Add ref_init() wrapper function
2010-06-22  Andrei Faur[pcnet32] Replace pcnet32 with native driver
2010-06-22  Geoff Lywood[jme] Fix 64-bit compile of JMicron ethernet driver
2010-06-15  Michael Brown[process] Hold reference to process during call to...
2010-06-13  Guo-Fu Tseng[jme] Fix refill behavior
2010-06-07  Michael Brown[ethernet] Move Ethernet MAC address checking routines...
2010-06-07  Erwan Velu[eepro100] Add PCI ID for Intel Pro/100 VE
2010-06-03  Wu Fengguang[doc] Fix comment on Linux/x86 boot protocol path
2010-06-02  Guo-Fu Tseng[jme] Add JMicron Ethernet driver
2010-06-02  Geoff Lywood[efi] Add the "snpnet" driver
2010-06-01  Michael Brown[qib7322] Fix whitespace errors
2010-06-01  Shao Miller[qib7322] Fix uninitialized variables warning
2010-05-31  Michael Brown[errdb] Add errdb.pl script to build error database
2010-05-31  Michael Brown[libc] Enable automated extraction of error usage reports
2010-05-30  Michael Brown[pxe] Remove obsolete pxe_errortab.c
2010-05-29  Michael Brown[efi] Tidy up output of EFI header import script
2010-05-29  Michael Brown[legal] Add FILE_LICENCE declarations to EFI header...
2010-05-29  Michael Brown[efi] Synchronise EFI header files
2010-05-29  Michael Brown[build] Remove PACKED macro
2010-05-29  Geoff Lywood[efi] Update UEFI header files with latest version...
2010-05-29  Geoff Lywood[dhcp] Use correct DHCP options on EFI systems
2010-05-28  Piotr Jaroszyński[iscsi] Allow base64 encoding in large binary values
2010-05-28  Michael Brown[iscsi] Use generic base16 functions for iSCSI reverse...
2010-05-28  Michael Brown[infiniband] Use generic base16 functions for SRP
2010-05-28  Michael Brown[iscsi] Use generic base16 functions for iSCSI
2010-05-28  Michael Brown[base16] Add generic base16 encoding and decoding routines
2010-05-28  Michael Brown[base64] Add ability to decode base64 strings
2010-05-28  Michael Brown[base64] Allow base64_encode() to handle arbitrary...
2010-05-27  Michael Brown[doc] Re-add README file
2010-05-27  Michael Brown[build] Add rtl8139.rom to the default build target...
2010-05-27  Geoff Lywood[build] Allow building against a zlib in a non-standard...
2010-05-27  Piotr Jaroszyński[efi] Fix .efi and .efidrv linking
2010-05-27  Piotr Jaroszyński[compiler] Fix 64bit compile time errors
2010-05-27  Joshua Oreman[dhcp] Don't consider invalid offers to be duplicates
2010-05-27  Joshua Oreman[build] Use weak definitions instead of weak declarations
2010-05-27  Piotr Jaroszyński[efi] Fix link order for elf2efi
2010-05-27  Michael Brown[build] Inhibit "skipping incompatible" message from ld
2010-05-27  Geoff Lywood[efi] Verify object format support in elf2efi.c
2010-05-27  Joshua Oreman[dhcp] Honor PXEBS_SKIP option in discovery control
2010-05-27  Joshua Oreman[wpa] Remove PMKID checking
2010-05-27  Geoff Lywood[bitmap] Fix bitmaps on 64-bit
2010-05-25  Stefan Hajnoczi[comboot] Propagate carry flag from COMBOOT API
2010-05-25  Michael Brown[qib7322] Add support for QLogic 7322 HCA
2010-05-21  Michael Brown[tcp] Update received sequence number before delivering...
2010-05-21  Michael Brown[script] Accept "#!gpxe" as well as "#!ipxe" as a scrip...