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descriptionDaniel Wyatt's iPXE repository
ownerDaniel Wyatt
last changeSat, 28 Apr 2012 22:42:15 +0000 (23:42 +0100)
2012-04-28  Michael Brown[menu] Add "--default" option to "choose" command master
2012-04-28  Michael Brown[realtek] Support RTL8139 cards within generic Realtek...
2012-04-27  Kevin Tran[http] Fix typo in memory allocation
2012-04-27  Michael Brown[myson] Replace driver for Myson Technology NICs
2012-04-27  Michael Brown[natsemi] Fix test for addresses below 4GB
2012-04-26  Michael Brown[natsemi] Replace driver for National Semicondutor...
2012-04-24  Michael Brown[crypto] Do not allow build-time cryptography settings...
2012-04-24  Michael Brown[crypto] Allow client certificate to be changed without...
2012-04-24  Michael Brown[build] Use $(xxx_DEPS) for additional dependency infor...
2012-04-24  Marin Hannache[util] Remove obsolete Makefile rule for util/prototester.c
2012-04-24  Marin Hannache[image] Remove non-working image loaders
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[intel] Replace driver for Intel Gigabit NICs
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[http] Avoid using stack-allocated memory in http_step()
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[script] Avoid using stack-allocated memory in process_...
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[xfer] Avoid using stack-allocated memory in xfer_printf()
2012-04-23  Michael Brown[realtek] Update link state when device is opened
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