iPXE - Open Source Boot Firmware

2017-03-05  Adam Goldmanpxe: Fix recognition of keeppxe option master
2017-03-04  Adychain.c32: update reactos= option for modern value
2016-11-27  Gene Cummpxe_api.h: finish revert of 9acbffd
2016-11-27  Gene Cummcore/legacynet/dnsresolv.c: weaken pxe_dns()
2016-11-27  Gene Cummpartial revert 9acbffd
2016-06-17  H. Peter Anvinunload_pxe(): fix string in dprintf()
2016-06-14  Bruno Levertmenu: Apply VSHIFT to scrollbar
2016-06-14  Gene Cummefi/Makefile: remove effective double "//"
2016-06-08  Gene Cummspelling: Auxillary to Auxiliary
2016-06-07  Geert Stappersremoving double l from auxilliary
2016-04-24  Mike Frysingerextlinux: pull in sys/sysmacros.h for major/minor/makedev
2016-04-24  Gene Cummlibupload: Use new TFTP OK status definition
2016-04-06  H. Peter Anvinpxe.c: fix stray line-end garbage
2016-04-06  H. Peter Anvinlibupload: use url_set_ip()
2016-04-06  H. Peter Anvinpxe_dns: remove obsolete pxe_dns.c wrapper
2016-04-06  H. Peter Anvinlibupload: don't error out because the tftp functions...
2016-04-06  H. Peter Anvinpxe_api.h: remove __weak from prototypes
2016-03-09  Pete Batardlibinstaller: remove signed to unsigned cast in initial...
2016-03-09  Pete Batardlibinstaller: PACKED compatibility for MSVC
2016-03-09  Pete Batardwin/ntfs: remove unused variable and have ntfssect...
2016-03-08  H. Peter Anvinhead.inc: error out on NASM 2.11.06
2016-03-02  Olivier Brunelkeytab-lilo: update to support kbd 2.0.3 format
2016-03-02  H. Peter AnvinMakefile: error out if the core has undefined symbols
2016-03-02  H. Peter Anvincore/extern.inc: http_bake_cookies is not called from...
2016-03-02  H. Peter Anvincore: remove unused stub pm_local_boot()
2016-03-02  H. Peter Anvinsyslinux.ld: align the initial heap to 4K rather than 64K
2016-02-29  Gene Cummefi/udp: correct typo of SubnetMask
2016-02-22  Gene Cummcore/i386/syslinux.ld: Remove HIDDEN reference
2016-02-17  H. Peter Anvingetfssec: update comment explaining next_extent() semantics
2016-02-12  H. Peter Anvincore/layout.inc: we don't need the _lma symbols except...
2016-02-10  H. Peter Anvincore: Clean up the i386-bios build
2016-02-10  H. Peter AnvinMakefile: Remove one remaining instance of EFI_BUILD
2016-02-10  H. Peter AnvinMakefile: make the handling of firmware selection a...
2016-02-10  H. Peter Anvingpxe: delete long since obsolete snapshot of gPXE
2016-02-10  H. Peter AnvinDelete unused files
2016-01-19  Gene CummMerge 'git://github.com/Celelibi/syslinux.git/fix/bios...
2016-01-19  Gene Cummcore/xfs: Silence compiler warning
2016-01-19  Gene CummMerge 'git://zytor.com/users/pcacjr/syslinux.git/xfs...
2015-12-27  Paulo Alcantarabtrfs: Fix logical to physical block address mapping
2015-12-15  Paulo Alcantaraxfs: Add support for v3 directories
2015-12-10  Gene CummPartial Revert: Still use .*.d deps
2015-12-10  Khem RajDont bypass compiler driver for Dependency generation...
2015-12-06  Erwan Velucom32: Adding 'exit' entry in chain.c32
2015-12-06  Erwan Velucom32: Handle broken modules.alias
2015-11-27  Sylvain GaultMakefile: Always use -mno-red-zone for EFI
2015-11-27  Sylvain GaultMakefile: Pass down the variable EFI_BUILD
2015-11-25  Nicolas Cornu... extlinux: code cleanup and simplification
2015-11-15  Adyextlinux/main.c: space change
2015-11-15  Gene Cummextlinux/main.c: Correct comment about btrfs install
2015-11-15  Adyextlinux/main.c: comment typo fixes
2015-11-11  Paulo Alcantaralibinstaller: introduce syslxrw library
2015-11-10  Nicolas Cornumtools: Remove local xpread/xpwrite, use ones from...
2015-11-08  Paulo Alcantaraxfs: rename xfs_is_valid_magicnum to xfs_is_valid_sb
2015-11-08  Sylvain Gaultbios: Don't try to guess the sections alignment
2015-11-08  Sylvain Gaultbios: Fix alignment change with gcc 5
2015-10-18  Sylvain Gaultldlinux: Fix return pointer to local data
2015-10-16  Gene Cummefi: Disable UseDefaultAddress if possibly deaf
2015-10-13  Sylvain Gaultcore: Fix stack overflow when reloading config
2015-10-13  Sylvain Gaultldlinux: fix stack overflow when running COM32 modules
2015-10-12  Gene Cummefi: core_udp_configure()/core_tcp_connect(): Fix error...
2015-10-10  Alexmboot.c32: add ELF64 support for Multiboot1
2015-10-10  Gene Cummcore/http: Append port number to Host field if needed
2015-10-08  Gene Cummcore/pxe: Allow DHCP option 54 Server Identifier
2015-09-28  Josh Triplettchrreplace: Don't skip the first character
2015-09-27  Imran Zamanextlinux: fix memory leak
2015-09-27  Gene CummAdd gpxe/ to clean-up targets
2015-09-27  Gene Cummcore: readd gPXE/iPXE support for HTTP on pxelinux.0
2015-09-20  Adycore/fs/lib/loadconfig.c: Add architecture-specific...
2015-09-20  Gene Cummcom32/modules: Split build by architecture. Add dir.c32
2015-09-16  Sylvain Gaultefi: Don't unnecessarily rebuild syslinux.so
2015-09-13  Patrick Masottazlib: use (void(0)) instead of empty #defines
2015-09-13  Sylvain Gaultefi/x86_64: fix trivial compilation warning
2015-09-12  Gene Cummpxe/dhcp_option: Don't parse DHCP option 54 Server...
2015-09-10  Gene Cummefi: Merge cleanup
2015-09-08  Erwan Velulibinstaller: Explicit failure if path isn't writable
2015-09-06  Gene Cummdoc/menu.txt: further corrections
2015-09-06  Adydoc/menu.txt: correction, rewording and type corrections.
2015-09-06  Thomas Letanefi/x86_64: leave long mode properly
2015-09-04  Erwan Velulibupload: Reworking tftp support to use core functions
2015-09-04  Erwan Velutftp: Report server IP address on debug message
2015-09-04  Erwan Veluhdt: print tftp error number & message if dump failed
2015-09-04  Erwan Veluhdt: Removing commas and plus signs from filename
2015-09-04  Erwan Veludebug: Adding -DDEBUG_THREAD
2015-09-04  Erwan Velugpllib: Updating dmi code
2015-09-04  Erwan Veluhdt: Avoid false-positive single command detection
2015-09-04  Erwan Veluhdt: Fixing argv usage to avoid crash
2015-09-02  Erwan Velucore: dprintf on malloc/free if -DDEBUG_MALLOC
2015-09-02  Oliver Wagnerefi: Change status check when draining keyboard
2015-08-27  Robertcom32: write_sectors() sizing corrections
2015-08-26  Sylvain Gaultefi: fix warning about unused variable
2015-08-26  Sylvain Gaultefi: fix pointer-type mismatch assigment warning
2015-08-26  Sylvain Gaultefi: fix warnings about argument types
2015-08-01  Patrick Masottaefi/main: set/check for NULL in efi_create_binding()
2015-07-19  Gene Cummefi: Hunt for service binding handle if needed
2015-07-19  Gene Cummefi: add efi_get_MAC()
2015-07-19  Gene Cummefi: rename pxe_handle to image_device_handle
2015-07-18  Gene Cummcom32 readconfig: use my_isspace()
2015-07-18  Gene Cummcom32/include/menu.h: Extend my_isspace
2015-07-18  Gene Cummcore/serirq: Use memset not memcpy
2015-07-18  Gene Cummefi/udp: Don't use AllowPromiscuous